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Old postcards from Halden, Fredrikshald, Idd and Berg

Welcome to On these pages you will find old postcards from the Halden district in Norway. Some of the postcards are from the other side of the Swedish border in Bullaren, Iddefjorden and Svinesund.

Halden, or Fredrikshald as the city was called from 1665 to 1928, is located in the southeast part of Norway. Halden has a boarderline towards Sweden in south, east and west. In 1967 the town of Halden merged with Idd and Berg, as we know it today.

It is impossible to say how many postcards that have been printed with Halden-motives. But there are at least several thousands. Fredriksten fortress, “Innseilingen” and Svinesund are with no doubt the places that are most frequently photographed.

I have for some years now, collected old postcards from Halden. With this website I will share my hobby with others who have interest in local history and old photos from Halden. I hope you find it interesting.

Postcards history dates back to 1869 in Austria. As the first country the Austrian postal permitted use of postcards and open correspondence. Norway followed in 1872. The first postcards didn’t had motive, but eventually it was printed motives on the cards. The oldest known pictorial postcard with a Fredrikshald-motive is stamped July 5. 1892.

Do you have postcards from Halden, Fredrikshald, Idd or Berg that you want to sell, please . I also buy cards from other parts of Norway.

The other pages on are in Norwegian only, but in the left menu you'll find galleries with postcards from different places in Halden, Fredrikshald, Idd and Berg.

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Et kort av papir med avsatt plass til en adresse, en melding og ofte et bildemotiv og som blir sendt i posten. Uttrykket brukes både om ferdig frankerte brevkort og om prospektkort med en illustrasjon på den ene sida.

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